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Aimee Buckley
CEO & Chief Academic Officer

Study Help was co-founded by academic expert, Aimee Buckley. With over 25 years of teaching experience, Aimee is a highly sought-after expert and has been featured in many podcasts. Her extensive knowledge in the public education system ensures Study Help provides the critical services to help students be truly successful at school.

Our mission is to help motivated students succeed in elementary, middle school, high school and beyond. All of our sessions are led by accredited teachers and/or field experts following the guidelines of your school’s curriculum. This way, rather than just completing their homework, students get the comprehensive help they need to improve their school experience and grades.

Only the most effective and passionate instructors join our team:
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We connect you with accredited teachers and subject experts to help every student reach their potential. Whether you have a high achieving student striving for success or a struggling student who needs a little extra attention, we are here to help.

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Study Help has been very useful in my experience. The teachers are very accommodating and help you on any topic you have trouble with. I needed help with my math. I didn’t understand the topics my school was going over, so I showed my math tutor and she helped me get caught up within two weeks! Study Help has also greatly boosted my determination to study my topics and do better in general.


8th Grade Student

I’m grateful and thrilled to have found Study Help to help our 7th grader with his Math and English classes. With the current remote distance learning environment, having a great tutor who reviews and reinforces the new math concepts really helps my son excel. Not only do they have great tutors, their administration support team is superb as well! I can’t recommend Study Help enough.


Parent of 7th Grade Student

We found great academic support for my oldest son in both English and Pre-Algebra. He is now doing well in both subjects - not only coursework but also homework. His tutors were easy to communicate with, informed and encouraging. We highly recommend Study Help as a partner in helping our kids stay on track!


Parent of 7th Grade Student

Our 8 year old participated in Study Help’s online classes & thoroughly enjoyed the small group experience. The instructor is engaging, caring & knowledgeable. She expertly guides the conversations and involves all of the students. My son is excited to attend each class & share everything he learned. The platform is extremely easy to use for both my son and us parents! We signed him up for some one-on-one tutoring.


Parent of 3rd Grade Student