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Teachers and students have become proficient at accessing online education. Our program provides the space and flexibility for teachers and students to connect in a safe and convenient online environment.

Study Help does not provide its own curriculum. Our courses are designed to give additional support to students in their current academic challenges. We support their current school assignments and help them understand what was taught in a way that actually makes sense to them.

Most of our instructors are credentialed teachers who have experience teaching both in a classroom setting and online platforms. Education is important to us, so we want your student to get the most out of every session. This why Study Help chooses instructors very carefully. We run background checks on all our instructors on a regular basis in these areas: National Crime Database, National Sex Offender Registry, Social Security Trace, Global Watchlist Databases.

You can read your instructor’s bio prior to booking your course. All instructors' bios can easily be located on our website under the instructors tab or next to each course enrollment button.

Since the design of Study Help is to support your current academic assignments, you will only need what you already use for that current class. Individual instructors may give recommendations for other materials they find useful.

Study Help gives you the support you need in a safe and convenient online platform. We provide you with accredited instructors and subject matter experts at a more affordable price than traditional tutoring. All courses are meant to be supplemental to current academic curriculum.

Our learning pods and course sessions are done in small groups rather than individual sessions. Small group instruction is more affordable than traditional tutoring. But don’t worry, we keep space limited in each course to provide an ideal student-to-instructor ratio that ensures personal attention to maximize learning. We also have individual tutoring options for those wanting individualized attention.

Enrolling in a course is simple. First you need to register and create an account. Once you have created an account, simply log on, find the course/courses or tutoring sessions you want and click enroll. When you are done picking your courses, go to your shopping cart and check out. Once you complete the enrollment process you will receive a confirmation email. An additional email will be sent with information on how to attend your class or session.

No. Unless the sibling is also enrolled in the course, they may not attend. To be fair to every enrolled student, only those enrolled in the course should attend.

Parents can watch the session their student is in, but they are highly encouraged not to interact.

No, due to child privacy laws only the paying student can attend. Please be aware we do record the sessions for quality assurance and they will not be used for marketing or any other purposes without permission.

Yes, you can cancel but will only get refunded for classes you haven’t attended.

No, but you can contact us with any questions or concerns. We also offer a free educational consult for those unsure of what they are looking for.

Sorry to hear that you are under the weather. Because it is an online platform, if you are feeling well enough to attend without being a distraction, you have that option. Otherwise we are sorry that we will miss your attendance and hope to see you in the next class. See our Attendance Policy.

We are sorry you missed your class. However, students are responsible for being on time and attending their sessions. More information an be found in our Attendance Policy.

No, but the cancellation policy applies and you can enroll in a different course.

No, but the cancellation policy applies.

To keep our costs low, we don't offer customer service by phone. But if you have any questions please Contact Us