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Student Spotlight - March 2021

Jessy A
4th Grade
What do you like about Study Help?
Study Help Is fun especially with Ms Aimee , we have fun playing educational games.
What is one success you had because of Study Help that you would like to share? 
I am able to finish my English assignments on time!
"As an educator, It is an absolute joy to work with Jessy. He is so inquisitive and such a creative and critical thinker. I look forward to our time together digging deeper into his school assignments." - Aimee Buckley
"Since Jessy started the Intro to Coding course, his ability to develop solutions for tricky problems has really evolved - even when he faces a challenging puzzle that he initially thinks he needs help with, when he persistently works at it he almost always can create a solution all on his own." - Harris Masterson
Courses/Classes taken with Study Help:

Upper Elementary English Learning Pod

Upper Elementary Math 

Intro to Coding: Basics 

Intro to Coding: Loops and Conditional Statements