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Student Spotlight - May 2021

3rd Grade
What do you like about Study Help?
I like Study Help because I get to do fun classes and see new people.
What is one success you had because of Study Help that you would like to share? 
My success is for Defeat School Stress: Study Help helped me defeat my stress and they did it in a good way that was easy to follow.
-Elizabeth age 9
Teacher quote for Elizabeth
"I've greatly enjoyed having the opportunity to teach Elizabeth. She always comes to class ready to give her best effort, is not afraid to ask questions, and always persistently works to solve difficult challenges on her own. Along with her efforts in class, Elizabeth is very sweet and silly and always brings tons of positive energy to our classes."  -Harris Masterson
"I had the honor of working with Elizabeth in my Defeat School Stress Course. She always showed up with an open heart. She keeps things real by speaking her mind and adds a lightness to class with her sense of humor. I feel lucky to have had the chance to work with Elizabeth and hope we cross paths again soon!" -Anna Stumbras
Courses/Classes taken with Study Help:
Defeat School Stress
Intro To Coding - Basics
Intro To Coding - Loops and Conditional