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Student Spotlight for Fionn - July 2021

4th Grade
What do you like about Study Help?
I like Study Help’s coding class because it gives me a chance to express my creativity on the computer.
What is one success you had because of Study Help that you would like to share?
After taking the Defeat School Stress class I was able to talk about my feelings and use the breathing tools to stay calm and in control during the year.
What instructors say about Fionn.
"I very much appreciate the energy that Fionn has brought to so many of my classes; he is always willing to try to work through complex puzzles on his own and his personality never fails to keep class fun and interesting."  -Harris Masterson
"Fionn brings a unique light to every session. He is inquisitive and curious in a way that keeps you on your toes and always smiling. He is the type of student who always brings an honest and loving energy and some of my favorite moments as a teacher with Study Help have been with Fionn. To put it simply, he is a total rock star!" -Anna Stumbras
Courses/Classes taken with Study Help:
Defeat School Stress
General Elementary
Intro To Coding - Basics
Intro to Coding: Loops and Conditional Statements
Intro to Coding: Functions, Variables, and For Loops