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Student Spotlight - April 2021

Lukas H
7th Grade
What do you like about Study Help?
The tutors are very engaging and always help you with your homework or any topics in school that you don't understand. If you are confused about one topic they will help you with it and make sure you understand it.
What is one success you had because of Study Help that you would like to share? 
I've been getting tutored on math and ever since I've started I've gotten an A+ on every math test.
"Lukas is easy-going and laughs at my teacher jokes. He picks up new skills quickly and I am amazed at his mental math abilities. Once he understands a concept, he can break it down and re-teach it to me to demonstrate understanding. He's a great kid and I hope he shares all of his freshman year adventures with us at Study Help." - April Nicolas
Courses/Classes taken with Study Help:

Middle School English